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New Brandywine Base Lodge

Peak Resorts has announced its plan to build a new 48,000 square foot main base lodge at Brandywine Ski Resort. The new lodge is estimated to be a capital investment of upwards of $5 million which will replace three existing buildings resulting in all skier services being combined in one convenient location. 

In an effort to provide a quality guest experience, all basic needs will be located on the ground level including lift ticket windows, a 10,000 square foot rental facility, restrooms and retail shop.  A cafeteria, bar and seating area with capacity that more than doubles the existing facility will be located on the second floor of the new building.  The second floor will also feature a panorama of the ski resort through large glass windows which will allow guests to enjoy the view from inside, while a large patio and sundeck accessible from both ground and second levels will extend the entire length of the building to offer abundant outdoor seating.    
"We are excited to announce the new lodge at Brandywine Ski Resort. We have seen the way a similar building has served our guests in New Hampshire, and know that it is going to be a significant improvement for our customers at Brandywine and Boston Mills," said Jesse Boyd, COO of Peak Resorts.
Construction will begin immediately following the conclusion of the 2011/2012 season. Brandywine Ski Resort and Northfield Fire Department officials are working together to utilize the existing base area facilities for a two-week training exercise prior to final demolition. This period will allow a rare and valuable training opportunity for local fire departments to practice in large multi-level structures. 
Following the demolition of the existing facilities, site prep-work will begin which entails removal of the concrete foundation, grading of the existing terrain and landscaping improvements. Brandywine Ski Resort will decide on a local building contractor to head up the design and implementation of the building in the coming days and hopes to contribute in all ways possible to the local economy with this project. Completion of the new main base lodge is planned for early November. 
“For Peak Resorts to make this major commitment with a new state-of-the-art base lodge shows how much it values this resort and the guests who have been so loyal to it for decades” said Boston Mills/Brandywine General Manager Vinnie Lewis.
The announcement of the new Brandywine main base lodge comes on the doorstep of Summit Season Pass sales.  Summit Season Passes offer unlimited skiing/riding at Brandywine and sister resort Boston Mills for the remainder of the 2012 season and entire 2012/2013 season.  Summit Season Passes go on sale Tuesday February 21st through April 30th and are the most deeply discounted passes available.  The first 500 people to purchase a Summit Season Pass will be invited to the Grand Opening celebration of the new main base lodge in November.  There will also be weekly prize raffles during the six weeks that Summit Passes are on sale.

Inside The New Brandywine Base Lodge

Brandywine Lodge Demolition

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Brandywine Base Lodge FAQ's 

When will construction on the new lodge begin?
  •  That date has not been set yet however we expect to start the demolition process of the old buildings immediately following the end of the 2011/2012 season. We are working with local fire departments to take over the buildings for a period of time to be used for training facilities.
How long will construction take?
  •  Once the old buildings are down and the site prepared for the erection of the building, we estimate a six month build time.
What type of material will the building be constructed with?
  • It will be a steel building with a variety of finish materials on the exterior.
 What will the building look like?
  • Above are renderings of the exterior of the building. We will provide more images and layouts as we get further into the process.
Are all levels handicap accessible?
  • Yes
Will the new lodge have any outdoor space?
  • Yes the entire length of the second floor will have an outdoor patio.
How can I be one of the first people to tour the new lodge?
  • The first 500 people to purchase a Summit Pass (on sale February 21,2012) will be invited to the Grand Opening ceremony of the new lodge in November.
 Will there be a retail shop in the new lodge?
  • Yes, Buckeye Sports will have space on the ground floor.
Where will the bathrooms be located?
  • There will be one set of bathrooms on the ground floor, they will be awesome.
How many ticket windows will the lodge have?
  • There will be six ticket windows on the exterior of the building.
Will the new building have lockers?
  • Yes.  It will have seasonal rental lockers, daily rental lockers, and open cubbies for storage. No bags will be allowed on the second floor seating area, they must be stored in the first floor lockers. This is to allow ample seating room for all guests.
Will I be able to bring in outside food to the new lodge?
  • No, there will be no outside food or picnicking allowed.
Will Wifi be available?
  • Yes we plan on having wireless internet access available in areas of the lodge.
Can I bring equipment in the building?
  • No, the only equipment allowed will be rental equipment and equipment being stored in seasonal lockers. All other equipment must be left outside of the building.
Will there be a free ski/snowboard corral?
  • No, we will provide ample ski racks and recommend you lock your gear.
Where will I be able to get food?
  • Food will be served in two locations on the second floor, the cafeteria and the bar. The cafeteria will be a scramble design that allows you to pick up food from several areas. We plan on introducing some exciting new menu items. The bar will have wait service and overlook the slopes through large windows.
Will there be any improvements made to Boston Mills?
  • We will be adding some large cubbies to the locker area for storage. This will allow bags to be stored away from the cafeteria seating area and help create a more comfortable dining experience. Other small projects are in discussion but please understand the base lodge construction at Brandywine is such a large project it will require the majority of our attention.
Where will the new lodge be located?
  • Imagine the current base lodge building that houses the cafeteria and expand it almost to the parking lot, that is where the new building will sit.
Where will Ski Patrol be housed?
  • Ski Patrol will be house in the new facility. We will have a plan in place for transporting injured guests across the bridge by the maintenance building.
Will the hours of operation stay the same as they currently are?
  • As of right now yes.
What will the impact on season pass pricing be?
  •  There will be increases but we feel they are very moderate compared to the cost of a new building.
Why a new lodge at Brandywine and not Boston Mills?
  • When comparing the existing facilities it’s clear that Brandywine needs it more. Boston Mills has a classic timber frame lodge with two beautiful fireplaces and great views of the slopes where Brandywine is currently lacking these qualities.
Are we going to be closing Brandywine early this season so the construction can begin?
  •  No, we plan to operate the season as long as snow conditions permit. The construction will begin once we are closed.
Will there be a new access road into Brandywine?
  • Completely new, no. However we will be doing repairs to it once we see the damage from this season and construction equipment driving on it throughout the summer.