Epic Mountain Rewards

Learn about which epic mountain rewards are available at boston mills & brandywine.

Food and Beverage discount

Your Epic Pass Product offers a 20% discount* on food and beverage at both Boston Mills and Brandywine Ski Resorts during your visit!  Click below to learn more about this benefit.

20% F&B discount

*With the exception of alcoholic beverages

Ski and Snowboard school discount

Your Epic Pass Product offers a 20% discount on ski and snowboard school adult and child group lessons. 

20% Ski & Snowboard School Discount

Waxing and Tuning Discount

Your Epic Pass Product offers up to a 50% discount on waxing and tuning.  Click the link below to learn about your tuning offers.

Wax & tune discounts

Learn about the comprehensive rewards that Epic Mountain Rewards has to offer.

Epic Mountain Rewards